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Graphic Design

I worked for several years as a graphic designer.  With training and experience in various professional software for layout and design work, I have the resources and ability to create memorable ads and digital files ready for printing, or to make adjustments to nearly any photograph.

Ads & Print Material

Black & white to full-color ads created for any publication. I also design brochures, business cards & other printed materials.  Supply any necessary artwork and approve one or two drafts; I will do the rest, including sending all materials to the publisher either online or by mail. 

Photo Manipulation
Have an "almost perfect" picture you'd love to make perfect?  Send or e-mail a copy of your photo with your requirements (color or quality adjustment, changing a distracting background, deleting a handler from a photo, etc). The final digital file can be e-mailed back to you and/or sent out for printing as a normal photograph.

Ad design - $50/page B/W, $100/page color
................. (includes transfer to magazine for print)
Other print design
- $50 per hour ($25 minimum)
Photo manipulation - $50 per hour ($25 minimum)



"Versatile Brittany" Mug
Photos & Design for
American Brittany Rescue


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